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How to get a dog to get along with other dogs?

My roomate and I both just got dogs. I got mine, a blue heeler, about a week or two before he got his yellow lab. My blue heeler went after his dog right away but seemed to calm down that night. We went to bed, my dog escaped my makeshift pen and when I woke up they were both hanging out downstairs no problem. They are usually ok with each other but when I bring my dog in from a walk he always goes berzerk. It happens every single time that when he comes in he goes right after the lab. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
The first couple times the lab was right at the door and I attributed it to the surprise. The last few though he's been visible but on the other side of the house.

This may be caused by your dog feeling "his" house is for him only, and coming in from the outside to his domain he does not want to see anyone else there.
When you come in, is the lab waiting at the door?
When you come in, ask your roommate to have the lab somewhere in the house not readily visible from the door you and your heeler are coming in. this way, your dog can come in to a quiet house and not feel threatened.
Another option, if your schedule allows it, have you and your roommate take the dogs for a joint walk, so neither is home when the other one comes in.


Other answers:

From: hannah
i got a god thats small and a couple years later we get a medium sixed german sheperd and they hate each other and they snap each other and the german sheperd is bigger then him so what if they kill each other what should i do
From: Sonja
i rescued two lab mixes, apeared to be sibling, females, that were dumped at my house they were about 8 to 12wks old. it was on one of the coldest days in dec about 2 wks before christmas and 3 days before a major ice storm that led most of our city without power for 7 days or more. so of course no one would take them and i got very attached due to a tragedy in my life, so they were a good distraction. they are 2 1/2 years old now.
i had them spayed last april and their tempers seemed to calm a bit. however, when running the fence line they would snap at each other, one more than the other. they got into a big fight today, like they use to prior to being spayed . usually water sprayed or poured would make them stop. one tries to get away but the other won't give it up. i had to pull her off her sister by her collar, both brought blood to each other. it takes a few hours before i can put them outside together. is there anything that i can do to stop this, they need to be outside together during the day. would obedience training help. all i can think of is a chill pill, hahaha! any suggestions would be appreciated.

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