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This site was created to allow you to display pictures of your dog(s). To view dogs currently on the site click on the 'Dog Photos' menu option on the banner. On that page you will also find links that may help you with a variety of dog questions/problems. is proud to bring you Pat McKay, an Animal Nutritionist from Pasadena, California. Pat will be contributing regularly to RufRuf in an effort to help you help your dog! If you need any more assistance after you read her articles she even provides free phone consultation. Happy Reading! was voted Dogmark's April 30th site. Help Rufruf get the best of the month award! You can either vote on their site (their form doesn't always work) or you can vote here. You can vote once per day per email address during May only. Thanks!

If you have any suggestions/comments on this site list them here and press the "Contact Us" Button. Make sure to include your email address if you would like a response.

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